Ethics Committee - Human beings (CEP)

Ethics Committees in Research - CEP are independent interdisciplinary collegial, created to defend the interests of research participants in their dignity, rights, safety and well-being, and to contribute to the development of research in Brazil, within ethical standards. The CEP is responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of ethical aspects of research involving human subjects. This paper is based on international ethical guidelines (Declaration of Helsinki, International Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Beings - CIOMS) and Brazil (Resolution No. 466/12 of the National Health Council and complementary). According to these guidelines, "all research involving human subjects must be submitted to a ZIP code." CEP assignments are advisory and educational role, to contribute to the quality of research as well as the appreciation of the researcher who receives the recognition that its proposal is ethically appropriate.

Ethics Committee - Uso de Animais (CEUA)

The Ethics Committee on Animal Use - CEUA are collegiate composed of veterinarians and biologists, graduates or postgraduates and recognized technical and professional competence and public knowledge, appointed by the legal representatives of higher education institutions. The CEUA is responsible for complying with and enforcing the ethical aspects arranged in the Law 11.794 of 2008 and other rules and resolutions of the National Council of Animal Experimentation Control (CONCEA), humanitarian use of animals in teaching and scientific research purposes. The CONCEA is a member agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology, being in normative multidisciplinary collegiate body, consultative, deliberative and appeal, which formulates the rules, as well as installation procedures and operation of breeding centers, vivariums and laboratories animal experimentation. The accreditation of CEUAs and registration of experimental or educational protocols in this area are also the CONCEA the national territory responsibility.