Research Groups

The Directory of Research Groups in Brazil constitutes the inventory of scientific and technological research groups active in the country. The information contained herein concerning the components of the group human resources ( researchers, students and technicians), the lines of research in progress, the specialties of knowledge, the application sectors involved, scientific, technological and artistic production and partnerships between groups and institutions, especially with the undertakings in the manufacturing sector. Thus, it is able to describe the limits and the overall profile of the scientific- technological activity in Brazil.

Learn more at the site of Brazil Directory of Research Groups

Research Projects

Research project is to research with defined beginning and end, based on specific objectives, aimed at obtaining results of cause and effect or placement of new facts in evidence. The research projects, whenever possible, should be coordinated with the institution's research lines.

Participation in Events

Kroton has encouraged the participation of teachers in scientific events both display your search results as well as to their training.

The financial aid is granted primarily to teachers of Strictu Sensu Graduate programs for participation in international events, national, regional or local.

To request the aid, it is necessary that teachers contact the coordinator of their Post-Graduate Strictu Sensu Programs.