The milk productive chain grows annually and there is urgency in the formation of qualified human resources, either to work in teaching and in research, or directly with the producers and industrial units of milk and dairy products. Therefore, it is essential the formation of researchers able to develop new products and/or processes to meet the demands of this important segment of the agribusiness.

In this sense, UNOPAR is a pioneer in offering a Stricto Sensu Graduate Program, in a specific area of the large area of Food Science and Technology, and which aims to train professionals of higher level for the exercise of activities of teaching, research and technological innovation.

The Academic Master's degree in Science and Technology of Milk and Dairy Products is a contemporary course, designed to broaden and deepen knowledge about the production and technology of dairy products. In addition to providing the ascension of our students in the academic environment, the sensu stricto modality enables the refinement in its approach to industrial problems and in the development of new products, improving the definition of hypotheses, the work methodology, data analysis and interpretation of the results.

Thus, the objective of the course is not limited to teachers and researchers’ training, but also enhances the essential skills  to the exercise of any profession within the productive chain of milk and derivative products. Currently, this sector produces about 35 billion liters of milk a year and employs more than 4 million people in Brazil, among professionals of research, teaching, extension, industrial technicians and businessmen. This scenario shows the importance of the improvement of human resources in the area of dairy products, offering competitive advantage in relation to the employability, either  for academic work or directly with producers and industrial units of milk and dairy products.

Our course is a pioneer in offering a Program of  Stricto Sensu graduate degrees in a specific area of the large area of Food Science and Technology, being composed of two lines of research covering the whole chain of milk and derivative products, since the animal production, passing by the industrial processing, up to themes associated  to technological innovation and functionality of dairy products. Our disciplines, in addition to the requirements of classical concepts of the area, also discuss current issues, stimulating the students’ theoretical reflection and reasoning. All this favors the formation of leaders who act with a critical sense, mastery and excellence in results.


Science and Technology of Milk and Dairy Products​


Research Lines

  • Milk Composition and Quality: Study of the factors related to milk production, composition and quality. Evaluation of microbiologic and physical-chemical quality, as well as the presence of milk contaminants. Techniques and methods applicate in the study of milk quality.
  • Milk Technology and dairy products: Development of process and dairy products. Functional properties of dairy in health. Application of dairy components in biotechnological process.




Obligatory Subjects

  • Milk Science
  • Scientific methodology
  • Milk and Derivatives Technology


Optional Subjects

  • Sensory analysis applied to milk and dairy products 
  • Applied Biotechnology
  • Statistics
  • Milk and Dairy Microbiology
  • Teaching Traineeship
  • Probiotics and prebiotics in Health
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry of milk
  • Scientific Writing
  • Themes and perspectives of Dairy Industry
  • Special Topics 
  • Complementary activities I
  • Complementary activities II


Professor Dr. Agostinho Ludovico


Professor Dr. Cínthia Hoch Batista de Souza


Professor Dr. Elsa Helena Walter de Santana


Professor Dr.  Giselle Aparecida Nobre Costa


Professor Dr.  Hélio Hiroshi Suguimoto


Professor Dr. Joice Sifuentes dos Santos


Professor Dr. Katia Sivieri 


Professor Dr. Luiz Rodrigo Ito Morioka 


Professor Dr. Paulo Roberto Adona 


Professor Dr. Rafael Fagnani


Professor Dr. Tatiana Colombo Pimentel


Professor Dr. Joice Sifuentes dos Santos
Coordinator of the Master´s Degree Course in Science and Technology of Milk and Dairy Products
Phone: (43) 3371- 7993


Professor Dr. Hélio Hiroshi Suguimoto
Dean of  Graduate Studies and  Research
Phone: (43) 3371- 7834


Stricto Sensu Graduate Studies Board
Phone: (43) 3371- 7834


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